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You’ve read ‘How It Works’, and you are ready to get started! The design questionnaire is below, please complete it for one room only for $375, or if selecting the great room option the cost is $550. If you are purchasing the great room option make sure to specify that on your questionnaire and purchase the correct option at checkout. If you have a multi functional space there may be an additional charge that we will inform you of upon receiving your completed questionnaire. Please allow 2 weeks for design completion. For additional inquiries or to purchase multiple spaces at once please Contact Us.

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How big of a change are we talking here, would you like options for paint, flooring, etc., please specify.
How many people occupy this room on an average day, and how many do you entertain at one time?
What are some colors, items, etc. that you love, and what are some that you loathe?
Why are you choosing to re-design your room now?
What is an item you would be so excited to see in your room re-design?
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You, as Client, hereby agree to our terms and conditions as follows: 1. Andi’s Interiors is an online interior designer service only. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look and functionality of the room selected and are not to be construed as providing any warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, relating to the design, materials, condition, quality, installation, or placement of any recommendation provided hereunder. 2. Within 24 hours of completing the online questionnaire, Client agrees to: (i) email the applicable room photos (in format, quantity, and quality as directed by Andi’s Interiors); and (ii) submit payment in full. Failure to timely perform the above-noted tasks will prevent Andi’s Interiors from commencing the desired project. 3. Client agrees that, due to the online nature of the services provided by Andi’s Interiors, all communications are to be conducted via email. Andi’s Interiors will strive to provide timely responses to any materials, feedback, or questions provided by Client. 4. Andi’s Interiors is not responsible for any damage, injury, or other adverse consequence sustained as a result of the construction, fabrication, delivery, placement, or installation of any recommended item(s). Client shall follow all applicable safety precautions that correlate to the digital design provided. Client shall hold Andi’s Interiors harmless from the acts or omissions of any contractor, subcontractor, supplier, installer, or other person performing work from the digital design (whether Client or otherwise); or for any failure of any parties involved to not meet projected third-party deadlines or completion dates. 5. Andi’s Interiors is not responsible for any repairs, replacements, parts, or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with the recommendations of the digital design. 6. Andi’s Interiors reserves the right to decline to provide services in full or in part to any Client, in which case, Andi’s Interiors shall provide written notice to the Client and return sums paid to the Client as promptly as reasonably feasible. 7. Unless cancelled by Andi’s Interiors (as set forth above), the digital design fee of $375.00 per room is non-refundable. If a Client is unhappy with the overall quality of the completed digital design, Client, within 48 hours’ receipt of the digital design may request up to three (3) room item re-selections without incurring any additional design fees. 8. Client agrees that all item prices do not include tax or shipping costs, and are listed as the price the item was on the date of the digital design completion. 9. Client agrees that promo codes are subject to change and Andi’s Interiors is not responsible for any expired promo codes or discounts. 10. By clicking YES/I ACCEPT, you agree to these terms and conditions.


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