Hi there, I’m Andi . . .

I’m the creator of Andi’s Interiors, located in lovely Chelsea, Michigan. I specialize in delivering custom digital interior designs directly to you, for you, and the way that you and your family live.

I created Andi’s Interiors for those of us that just don’t have enough hours in a day, and find ourselves trying to tackle that to do list after hours. It’s difficult to get any contractor or trade to your home in the evening, reasonably so, but you still have projects to pull off. Andi’s Interiors is for you and your sanity.

Prior to owning my graphic design business, EB Design Studio, in Ann Arbor for more than 10 years, I gained interior design experience by designing for a nationwide tile chain and worked for a local design build firm. I have an eye for detail, color coordinations, and look forward to fine tuning your home. No matter the degree of difficulty you fear your interior faces, I can assure you you will receive a cohesive digital design that meets and exceeds your expectations. Still have questions, check out our FAQ below, or Contact Us. We’d love to hear from you.


A little bit more about me.  I'm a Michigan native, born and bred here with no plans on leaving anytime soon.  I attended college initially for interior design, but my love of the arts got the best of me and I majored in painting and lithographic printing. After completing my undergrad at Western Michigan University, I relocated to Ann Arbor.  There I spent 10+ awesome years making incredible friends, building my first business, and eventually settling down.  My husband and I relocated to Chelsea in 2016 and welcomed a beautiful baby boy in 2018.

We now reside on a little bit of land a short distance from our super cute downtown, and I enjoy my morning coffee from my home office overlooking a beautiful wooded area (typically snow covered)!  I relish in time spent on the lake with my family, first experiences with my little guy, and throwing ridiculous dog birthdays for my two poodle mixed pups, Milly and Ducky.

Becoming a mom gave me an entirely new appreciation for those that work hard, maintain a clean home, manage budgets, children, meals and more. Coming home can be a full time job that you’re not even getting paid for! I hope that in cultivating Andi’s Interiors I can help to relieve a portion of the chaos that so many experience. And keeping things digital allows us both a little extra time in our pajamas!


We know this process may seem incredulous, but I’m an open book about this system and want to earn your trust in our digital designs.

How can you redesign a room without seeing it in person? You’re not the first person to ask that, and I always welcome this question! It’s 2019, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there have been some crazy advancements in technology that allow us to carefully curate your space without ever seeing it in person. We have invested a lot of effort into our process, and questionnaire that provides us with exactly what we’re in need of to create something custom for you. We require current photos of your space and always welcome inspiration images as well. Have no fear that if we’re ever in need of more information we will not play a guessing game, we always come to you for clarification.

What if I want to keep my furniture or other items? If you have furniture, items, paint, selections, etc. that you definitely want to incorporate, please just make sure to clarify that on the questionnaire (in the space provided). We completely understand that sometimes constraints and or budgets don’t permit us to reinvent the wheel, so we always want to utilize items that you wish to maintain. Likewise if you have things you knowingly want to change, make sure to note that on the questionnaire as well. We will always work diligently to keep within your confines and comfort zone.

I have an open floor plan, how does that work? If you have an open floor plan concept, or a multi functioning space, please Contact Us for a custom request. We will gladly complete a digital design for you, however the pricing and timeline may change. We offer one room designs for $375 or you may purchase a great room design at checkout for $550. Please keep in mind that if you plan on purchasing separate scopes of the space in the future we will want to know that part of the room has been completed and you’re looking to create cohesion between multiple designs.

What if I don’t like my design? We certainly hope we don’t miss the mark, but in the event that we do, please Contact Us immediately. We will offer you up to 3 room re-selection items per design at no charge. All of our designs are completely non-refundable however if you don’t think 3 room re-selection items are going to do the trick, we welcome you to purchase an additional design at a discounted rate and receive a complimentary conference call. At that time we can discuss what went wrong and what went right, and work to generate a new design objective.

Do I have to purchase my items right away? No, you don’t have to purchase your items right away but please be aware that if you recieved any promotional or discount codes they may no longer work. Furthermore if any of your design’s items are no longer available or discontinued when you do go to purchase them we will not provide new selections. It will be your responsibility to seek out something similar or purchase a new digital design. Please keep in mind that we do work to purchase from popular retailers and try not to choose elements that are difficult to acquire, but have no control over inventories and expirations.

What if I have questions once I have everything purchased? Great, we love questions! Ask away! You can Contact Us at anytime to inquire about implementing the designs we have provided. If you feel that something hasn’t been placed quite right or an item description isn’t accurate to what has arrived, feel free to email us images and we will do our best to get back to you quickly. If you are just attempting to get some free room re-selections above and beyond the 3 we are willing to provide, beware, our fast and friendly responses may shift at a rapid rate!